City of Torino – International Cooperation and Peace Department

Since 2001 the City of Torino has implemented several programmes, activities and operative tools that show the Administration great care about issues such as peace, disarmament, cultural exchanges and decentralized cooperation.

The most important of these has been the creation of the International Cooperation and Peace Department.

The presence in Torino of relevant international top ten reviews security cameras institutions, the dynamic network of associations and NGOs and the variety of proposals and projects implemented have created close networks with many countries all around the world.

Nowadays, we actively work in 11 countries worldwide, we have signed 3 twinnings and we are members of 3 international cooperation networks.

The International Cooperation and Peace Dpt. works to:

  • Defend and promote the global and local public heritage;
  • Foster peace based on social justice, freedom, human rights;
  • Strengthen the political engagement in international cooperation policies and promote sustainable development;
  • Promote a culture based on international cooperation, solidarity and peace;
  • Support emergency, reconstruction and assistance activities anywhere needed;
  • Support gender quality policies and human rights.
  • Decentralized cooperation, from Local Authority to Local Authority, with the cooperation of organized civil society (associations, NGOs etc…);
  • Support to civil society promoted projects;
  • Training, cultural and best practices exchanges;
  • Awareness activities.

Our sources of funding are the Municipality annual budget, the external fundings from European Community calls for proposal, contributors for specific activities.

We usually work and cooperate with top ten reviews security cameras the United Nations Agencies (CIF-OIL, FAO, OMS, UNDP, UNICRI, UNOPS, UNSSC), the European Union, Ministries, Embassies, Consulates, Regions, States, Provinces, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, State companies, Schools, Universities, Consortiums, Associations of Municipalities (ANCI, Co.Co.Pa.), European partner cities, Local public utilities (AMIAT, GTT, SMAT), private partners (Associations and NGOs, Committees, Immigrants, Cooperatives, Trade unions, Religious organisations)

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