Cesvi – Fondazione di partecipazione Ong e Onlus

Cesvi, established in 1985, is a secular, independent association, working for global solidarity.  In the values which guide Cesvi, the moral principle of human solidarity and the ideal of social justice are transformed into humanitarian aid and development, reinforcing an affirmation of universal human rights.

With its 26 overseas offices, Cesvi works in all continents to face any sort of humanitarian crisis and to restore the civil society after wars and natural calamities. Cesvi’s challenge is that of turning emergency relief into an occasion to build up medium and long-term projects able to promote the self-development of  local communities.

Cesvi believes strongly that helping the underprivileged in developing countries, or those in difficulty due to war, natural calamities and environmental disasters, does not help only those who suffer, but contributes also to the well-being of all of us on the planet, our “common home” to be looked after for future generations.

In the acronym Cesvi, the words cooperazione e sviluppo (Cooperation and Development) underline the fact that Cesvi bases its philosophy on the idea of giving the recipients of aid a leading role, working together for their own natural benefit. It is for this reason that Cesvi is strongly committed to making sure that international aid does not become mere charity, and nor is it influenced by the donors’ self-interest.

Cesvi mission to people in need around the world can be divided into three main categories:

  • Immediate help to ensure survival and to overcome emergencies;
  • The rehabilitation and reconstruction of systems destroyed by war or natural calamities;
  • Cooperation programs and projects for the development of underprivileged social groups and poor communities.

In Italy and Europe, Cesvi carries out educational programs to develop global solidarity awareness, to increase the pool of donors and volunteers, and to influence private companies and public institutions to support cooperation projects for development.