Yangon City Development Committee – Pollution Control and Cleansing Department

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Yangon Regional Government

Yangon City Development Committee (Y.C.D.C) is under control of Yangon Regional Government. There are 22 Departments in Y.C.D.C. Pollution Control and Cleansing Department is one of the 22 departments.

Department has two main performances which are cleansing and pollution control to on ground. It has (38) officers, (1040) staffs and (3740) on ground of organization chart.

All activities of the department are as follows:

  • Waste Collection Management
  • Waste Transportation Management
  • Final Disposal Site Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Pollution Control (Land, Water and Air)
  • Industrial Zone Management (solid waste management and waste water management)
  • Cemeteries Management
  • Collaboration with relevant ministries, INGOs and NGOs for Environmental Management