This page is dedicated to the final outputs of the project, and will be updated until the end of the action. The documents which represent the final result of some WPs are being uploaded here as soon as finalized.

Component 1:

WP 1.1 – participatory drafting of recommendations and suggestions on law/bylaw:

WP 1.2 – participatory drafting of guidelines to improve existing DS management:

Component 3:

WP 3.1 – value chain and market analysis on recycled materials:

WP 3.2 – awareness campaigns on protection of the environment and SWM best practices:


Documents in Myanmar language:

  1. Summary of component 3 – project proposal SWM
  2. Summary of 1st interim report component 3
  3. MELS
  4. Awareness Campaign Strategy
  5. Baseline
  6. Workshop PPP – introduction in bilingual
  7. Planning component 1 in bilingual
  8. Planning component 2 in bilingual09 – Planning component 3 in bilingual
  9. Planning component 3 in bilingual
  10. Workshop on law-bylaw bilingual
  11. Awareness Campaign strategy bilingual