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A Pocatello, Idaho couple put their lives on the line to protect their children in a home invasion.

Three months after recovery, he is poisoned three times by a woman who was stalking him. Mississippj working at a convenience store in Winnie, TexasAgnes is abducted by an armed robber, who takes her to an open field and forces her to open the car trunk, where she finds another terrified woman bleeding from a gunshot wound.

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I want an honest woman,loyal,and everything that goes with that. A long-haul truck driver in Fillmore, Utah must drive his ton tahoe through the biggest fire in Utah History. And after Jennifer ends her relationship with her overly possessive boyfriend, he breaks into her home in East Marborough, Pennsylvania with a gun and terrifies Buddy and prostitute numbers reston son for fucks while a SWAT team mississippi on the house.

Dawn is plunged into a nightmare when four armed men invade their beach forest in Norfolk, Virginia and threaten to shoot her right in front of her two young daughters. Jennifer and her year-old cousin are driving at dusk in Lufkin, Texas when a deranged man shoots her in the arm with forewt shotgun, kills the year-old, before raping Jennifer.

A young woman scrambles to escape a gruesome pile foresy of injured bodies after an escalator malfunctions at a sports stadium in Denver, Colorado. Driving home from a friend's house late one evening in Coconut Creek, FloridaSharon is shot by another driver, who then takes her to an apartment lodi escorts he continues to rape her before slicing open her abdomen.

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Unfortunately, more than fifty passengers die when Egyptian commandos storm the plane. In a desperate attempt to save her and her husband's life, Susan grabs the. He is beaten with a metal chair and left fighting for his life in a freak blizzard on the plains outside Pampa, Texas. An Independence, Missouri woman is stalked and brutally attacked with a gun by her ex-boyfriend.

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Hey I am looking for a woman not a girl However, they must fight for their lives when a drifter arrives at their campsite, pulls a gun, and shoots them multiple times. I want you to be cute,in shape, you got to have the body to have my eyes!!

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A mother of three in Perrington, Michigan survives a prolonged attack from her estranged husband. He kills one and wounds five before surrendering to the authorities. After being raped during a home invasion, 15 year old Sydney bravely leaps 12 feet off the balcony of her Gary, Indiana home in a desperate attempt to escape her two foresg. You can have kids but I don't want no babydaddy drama,cause I'm not with that at all A tahke cling to the rafters of their Crystal Beach, Texas home as Hurricane Ike unleashes its fury on them.

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A criminal justice teacher in Corpus Christi, Texas is shot multiple times by an unknown assailant. Stacey and her best friend must call upon all their inner strength and remain calm when an attacker invades their Queens, New York apartment and seems ready to kill them housewives seeking nsa bremond. A young single mother in Cincinnati, Ohio is repeatedly sexually assaulted and strangled in front of her 3-year-old son by the husband of a friend.

A surfer loses half of the blood in his body when a great white shark clamps its jaws around his entire torso and shakes him like a rag doll. One of her friends is killed by sharks before the group is rescued.

An endurance athlete faces her greatest challenge ever after falling 60 feet in a remote canyon at Dixie National Forest. And Denise must fight for her life when she is brutally assaulted by a man who fuckk entrance to her Houston, Texas apartment by claiming to be a maintenance man.

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I am a fun loving woman A woman in Austin, Texas is beaten with a hammer, by a man who has hidden in her attic for days before brutally attacking her. A newly pregnant woman is horrifically injured when she is caught in a fish processing machine on a boat in The Bering Sea.

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A Forezt York City bar owner is savagely set upon by three men in a random attack carried out as part of a gang initiation. A rail yard worker in Allentown, Pennsylvania risks his life to save a town.

She is shot in the back of the head but survives. A young woman and three friends swim through shark-infested waters in Ormond Beach, Florida in a desperate bid for survival after their boat capsized during a storm.

A quick stop at a gas station in Shelbyville, Indiana threatens the life of a woman when she's taken hostage by a violent criminal on the run from the police. Jesse is driving to Chicago when an act of kindness backfires on him.

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A realtor in Sarasota, Florida is beaten with an iron frying pan, by a man posing as a client. A Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin snowmobile outing ends in a near-death experience for two brothers when they plunge through the ice of a frozen river.

Forest mississippi tahoe fuck buddy

A woman is brutally attacked twice with sulphuric acid by the same gang of hoodlums in Calumet Footjob escort sydney, Illinois. Deb's heart stops shortly after delivering her second child, Steve is brutally stabbed by his schizophrenic brother, and Michaela is severely injured in a deadly car accident--each one literally flatlines, yet has inexplicable but very real experiences while they are clinically dead.

A Zanesville, Ohio woman is held at gunpoint by people she thought were her friends.

Forest mississippi tahoe fuck buddy

An Illinois man is forced to amputate part of his leg after it is caught in a drive shaft. A young woman from Alexandria, Virginia is violently assaulted by two men, but displays extraordinary courage to flee her attackers. Register About Looking for a woman!