Adrian : Apollo? Rocky : Yeah. I been out there walkin' around, thinkin'.

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Balboa comes into the center of the ring. In the blue corner I'm hungry. Where do we go?

Sylvester stallone: rocky

Don't go too fast or you'll get out of focus. I'm getting punchy just watching. It's okay. Come on, get up! This promises to be the ghy event in boxing history. If he dies, he dies. It's just some exhibition fight.

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Don't you think people are expecting to see Rocky whack this bum out first? Will you take care of everything? But to beat me, he'll have to kill me.

You owe me a favor. Don't forget to feed your robot.

Ivan drago

Some kind of weather we're having. Be back in a minute. You always did everything A friend gave it to me. Tonight's special event features two great athletes.

Meet the real rocky balboa

I just wanted to get away from things. It's all lies and false propaganda You know, you're developing a very loud personality.

Looking for rocky guy rocky

It's a nice house! Mom's going to yell at you.

Looking for rocky guy rocky

We'll crack out here. Rocky Balboa's determination is actually winning over the once-hostile crowd. You know how tobacco stains your teeth.

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I have a bad dream here. Adrian : Apollo? For the first time, West against East in professional sports.

Looking for rocky guy rocky

I have to call it. He woke the sleeping giant. You're the greatest.

There have been rumors of doping I'll have her wires tied when I get back. This is supposed to be an exhibition!

Mike douglas has to separate the men as a fight nearly breaks out days before the bout on his show!

I hope after we can be friends. I missed you. It's definitely Wednesday, but in case you forgot Go on. Guy comes up, offers me a fight. Take his heart.

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This whole place stinks. I know you'll be the one standing.

Looking for rocky guy rocky

You call him a killer. Then what?